About me

I was born in Belarus. In 2010, I entered European Humanities Unversity under the Visual Culture program based in Lithuania (Vilnius). I studied for 4 years. Studying get me a clear understanding of how visual content is created and how it should catch the viewer’s eye. On the basis of the university, I completed the BBC journalism course.

Since high school, my friend and I have been interested in photography. After the classes we loved to went to the park and tried to take pictures of each other. The emergence of social networks caused the desire to make beautiful visual content. It was our passion, hobby. Most of all I liked working in Photoshop and taking photos, seeing what happens in the end. In the first year of university, a girl studied with me in the group (who today is already a very respected famous and photographer), a she saw me as a model. We made together a lot of beautiful pictures. Thus began my modeling career.

One way or another, I always surrounded myself with people, was engaged in creativity and photography as well. I really enjoyed the creative process itself. Particular pleasure was the expected result of the work done. Modeling experience has taught me a lot about how the photographer should interact with the model and what the model expects from him. I learned everything about posing. This experience can help me now to make people feel comfortable at my sessions. I know what angle will be best for everyone, what pose will look beautiful.

All my life I tried to see the beauty in everything. And for me, beauty is a limitless approach, unaffected by fashion trends. For me, beauty is life itself. That is why I love my job and photography, because I capture a beautiful "frozen moment" and give it to people, because the photography - a time machine. Life is fleeting and all we will have left at the end is our memory. Photos can help you live particular moment again and again, feel everything almost to the smells.

I love working with children and families because I believe that family is the most valuable thing in our life. I have two children and I love them. The experience of motherhood also helps me find an approach to any child. Children are so spontaneous and beautiful by nature, they have not yet learned to try on role-playing masks, so they are beautiful in their own right. It is a special pleasure for me to work with children and their parents.

I also have a lifelong passion for beautiful things and decorating spaces. For me, it is a special joy to prepare the photo zone for beautiful shooting. I try to make new decorations every time, in accordance with the wishes of clients.

I am very responsible, diligent, hardworking, open to suggestions and recommendations, so I think you will be pleased to meet me for your dream photo session.